Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Spacious Look


Simple White Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

There are many small bathroom renovation ideas that can be used to create larger impression inside the bathroom. You can change the bulky cabinet with a sleek and simple one. The cabinet is very important for the small bathroom for it can keep the bathroom neat and clean. You can mount the cabinet on the wall. It will be great if you choose the floating cabinet. Choose the open shelves to give cool effect. If the cabinet is equipped with a door, make sure that it is simple. The modern cabinet usually features the hidden hardware. It should be sleek and smooth.

You can create larger impact with small bathroom renovation ideas if the cabinet matches with the wall color. It is okay to have the wall decorated in white, while the cabinet made in light wooden tone. It can be in beige or cream color. If you want to carry futuristic design, the cabinet can be painted in red, black or dark brown color. Don’t forget to add a mirror for the small bathroom renovation ideas. It can carry spacious look inside the small bathroom. You can set a large mirror. It can reflect the bigger illusion. You can pick the frameless one. Install the mirror above the sink.

If you want to create unique style, you can install two or three smaller mirrors above the sink. It is okay for you to install a bathtub if you want to soak the body in comfort. But small bathroom renovation ideas will be amazing if you install a walk in shower. You can save the floor space by having the deep Japanese styled bathtub. Don’t forget to install a shower curtain to protect the floor from the water. Don’t forget to accessorize the bathroom. Keep it simple. The rolled towels in small bathroom renovation ideas can be placed on the over the wood towel bars.


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