Small Bathroom Remodels That Will Blow Your Mind Away


Encaustic Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Small bathroom remodels should create mind blowing design. It should be the most relaxing place in the house. You can enjoy comfort, relaxation and tranquility in the bathroom. It should serve the personal hygiene for the daily basis. You just have to be creative when remodeling the bathroom. You can apply the sleek makeover or you can make it ornate without using a lot of space in the bathroom. One thing for sure, small bathroom design that you choose should reflect the personal taste and lifestyle.

One of the most interesting small bathroom remodels is the eclectic bathroom style. Make it look unique by installing an African patterned bathroom mat on the floor. The circular shower curtain is nice to install inside the bathroom. The shower room can feature a ceiling mounted shower head. The next idea for small bathroom remodels is the contemporary bedroom design. It is the most common style to see inside a small bathroom. The bulky sink should be replaced with a bathroom pedestal sink for it can save much space in the bathroom. You can have the wall and floor decorated with white ceramic tiles. You do not need a bathtub here. Install the walk in shower for it will never consume a lot of floor space.

To avoid any water on the floor, you can install a shower curtain. If you have more money, you can set a clear glass sliding door. If you choose the shower curtain, it can be in plain color to reduce the messy effect in contemporary small bathroom remodels. Many people think that a traditional bathroom design is not welcomed in small bathroom. You can apply the traditional ideas as long as it will never consume a lot of space. Impress the people with a compact clawfoot bathtub. Don’t forget to replace the plain overhead lighting with a crystal chandelier for small bathroom remodels.


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