Small Bathroom Designs for Your New Renovation


Simple Small Bathroom Designs Ideas

If you intend to renovate the bathroom, use small bathroom designs. There are many ideas that you can get from the magazines to make the small bathroom look larger. You can make researches too before you apply the new ideas on the bathroom. It can prevent you from spending a lot of money for this remodeling project. You can upgrade the bathroom by replacing the old sink with a new one. The sink or basin is considered as the main centerpiece. It is often installed on the top of the vanity cabinet. If you do not have any vanity, you can mount the sink on the wall. Or you can pick the pedestal sink for small bathroom designs.

You can install storage space below the sink. You can use it to save the extra towels and soaps. If you have more money, you can replace the old tiles for amazing small bathroom designs. Pick the durable tiles on the market. The ceramic tiles are the interesting option. It comes in nice color, texture, and pattern. You can also pick the one with images. If the budget for small bathroom designs is limited, you can pick the vinyl tiles.

Since the bathroom is small, choose the light colored tiles. You can install white on white decoration for the floor and wall. If you want to keep the bathroom warm, install beige tiled wall. You can use dark brown tiles as the border. You can apply the contrasting look by having the different grout. If you do not want to have a cold look by having the tiles on the wall, the dry area in the bathroom can be decorated with water resistant wallpaper. It comes in various images and patterns such as geometric, stripe, polka dot, ocean, sunset, or marine animal images depending on the theme of the small bathroom designs.


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Simple Small Bathroom Designs Ideas

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