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Bathroom Renovation Ideas Small Bathroom Remodel Seattle Bathroom Design Trends

The key to turn the small bathroom into a bigger bathroom is the bathroom renovation ideas. You can use the inexpensive ways to avoid spending a lot of money. There is no need for you to have a total renovation. Pick the simple ideas which can carry dramatic effect in the small bathroom. You can incorporate the ideas and turn the small bathroom into a bigger one. The first thing to do is using the mirror on the bathroom wall.

If you have no mirror inside the bathroom, you can consider having one large mirror above the vanity sink. The presence of mirror can create a larger illusion in the bathroom. You can set two mirrors located opposite each other. Besides thinking about the functionality, the presence of mirror is bathroom renovation ideas can add decorative and elegant effect in the bathroom. The next thing to do is painting the bathroom with a nice color. The right color can create larger effect in the small bathroom. The ideal color for bathroom renovation ideas is white shades. You can choose vintage white, off white or even creamy white for the wall color.

Since white is considered as the most neutral color, you can match it any kinds of furniture and fixtures. The dark wall color is not welcomed in small bathroom renovation ideas for they tend to keep the bathroom even smaller and darker. If you want to add dark color, use it on the accent wall. The last thing to do is de-cluttering the bathroom. You have to throw away the unused items in the bathroom to give you more space to breathe. Keep all items inside the bathroom organized. If you need more storage space in the bathroom renovation ideas, you can install floating vanity cabinet, wicker racks, or wall shelves.



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