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Modern Golden Rules Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Luxury bathroom designs give you a lot of inspirations on how to make the bathroom look expensive. You can pamper yourself with a luxurious bathroom style. You have to make it neat and stylish. You bring the tropical flair or even Victorian style inside the bathroom. The color should be decided for the first time since it is the frugal bathroom style. You need to decide the color for the floor and wall. The dry wall can be painted with light colors if you like with modern or contemporary luxury bathroom designs.

You can choose the striped black and white color. If you want to make it Victorian, the rich colors such as burgundy, violet, hunter green or even gold can be applied on the wall. You can install a mural or wallpaper on the wall. It can feature the intricate patterns or images. If you want simple pattern, you can check out the damask, floral or vine pattern for Victorian luxury bathroom designs. You can install the marble floor inside the luxurious and traditional bathroom design. It can create shining and sparkling style in the bathroom.

The floor looks amazing with marble in golden and brown color. If your bathroom is big, you can install the marble bathtub and vanity. It can complement with other items in the bathroom. The ceiling can be decorated with crystal chandelier. Equip it with dimmer switch when you want to control the intensity of light inside luxury bathroom designs. If your bathroom is made in modern style, you do not have to hang the chandelier. Pick the recessed lighting mounted on the ceiling to brighten the dark room. Then you can accent the room with modern wall sconces on either side of the vanity or mirror. If you want other luxury bathroom designs, you can install electronic faucet, heated floor and Jacuzzi.


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