Handicap Bathroom Design With Great Accessibility


Handicap Accessible Large Bathroom Design Ideas

Handicap bathroom design should be comfortable. The home owners should think about the accessibility of the bathroom if they want to make the people comfortable. You need to determine the location of the bathroom first. It will be great if the bathroom is not located upstairs. The handicap bathroom will be easier to access if there is no stair to reach the area. But it depends on the type of disability of the people. You just have to make sure that the handicap bathroom design is accessible, comfortable, pleasant to use, and safe.

Let’s decide the entrance of handicap bathroom design. You need to make it simple to the easy entrance. The exit and entrance should be in the same level. You do not need to give any steps down or up for the entrance and exit. The width of the entrance is at least 36 inches. It will be great if you can give more width. This width is accessible for the person with a wheelchair. If the space of handicap bathroom design is big enough, you install a wraparound. It can give privacy to the handicapped person when he or she uses the bathroom. You can choose a sliding door or a curtain to keep the privacy of the bathroom.

You just have to make sure that the wraparound can be unlocked from the outside. Now think about the height of the toilet. You can choose the higher one for many handicapped persons find it more comfortable. You can choose the toilet with the ideal height of 18 inches. The standard one come in 15 till 17 inches. Or you can choose the flexible toilet seat which can be heightened with add on button. Don’t forget to install two grab bars at either side of the toilet. It can increase the safety in handicap bathroom design.


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