Design My Bathroom With Light Colors, Lighting And Furniture


Blue Design Bathroom Colour Scheme

Use light colors, furniture and lighting to design my bathroom. If the bathroom is very small, you need to make it bigger. There are many kinds of optional illusions that you can apply inside the bathing space. You can use the light colors to create open feeling. When you select the colors, you have to be careful. Ensure that it looks amazing. You can choose light, pastel or neutral colors to decorate the floor and wall. The ceiling can be painted in white tone.

Those who love with modern feeling can design my bathroom with monochromatic color. For example, you can decorate the bathroom in grey, white and black. Next, you can use the mirror to design my bathroom. There are a lot of mirrors sold in the stores. You can pick the mirror with simple frame. It can be made from wood. If you like with modern mirror, choose the frameless one. It will never create busy style in the bathroom space. The mirror is very interesting to have in a small bathroom. It can reflect the light and give larger feeling in the bathroom. Another way to go is deciding the type of lighting. If you live at home, you can bring more natural light by installing the windows or skylights.

At night, you can turn on the recessed lighting or wall sconces. The dark bathroom tends to look smaller, while the bright bathroom tends to look bigger. You can decide the type of storage area to design my bathroom. Avoid the clutter and mess by hiding the unimportant items. Therefore, you need to install bathroom vanity with shelves or racks. A pegboard can be applied behind the door. It can be used to hang the ropes and other items. Therefore, you can design my bathroom perfectly.


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