Basement Remodeling Ideas for Cute Bathroom


Basement Bathroom Renovation For Girls Room

Use the simple basement remodeling ideas to install in a cute bathroom. It is the ideal solution for the home owners who need more bathrooms. Sometimes we need more than one bathroom when there are a lot of people visiting the house. The common problem in the basement bathroom is the limited space as well as the low intensity of natural light. There are several things to consider before you set basement remodeling ideas. Some of them include the budget, planning and execution. Pick the simple ideas which never force you to spend a lot of money.

The simple one is easy to execute. Depending on the available space in the bathroom, you have to decide the perfect type of bathtub, walk in shower, built in vanity sink and cabinetry. The cost for basement remodeling ideas is estimated around $20,000 to $40,000 depending on the items and products that you use in the bathroom. The lighting is very important to decide in the basement bathroom. It should be bright to make the small bathroom look bigger. Even though there is no natural lighting here, you can install the artificial lighting.

There are many options for the lighting in the basement remodeling ideas. The mirror can be installed above the sink. The wall sconces can be located on either side of the mirror. Don’t forget to set an overhead lighting. You can install recessed lighting for it can spread all illumination in the bathroom. If the corner space looks dark, you can see a track lighting. The flooring and wall in the bathroom can be made from tiles. You can select granite, ceramic, vinyl or even stone tiles depending on the budget. If you have limited budget, the vinyl tiles are great for the inexpensive ideas. If you are still confused with the bathroom project with basement remodeling ideas, you can consult with the professional constructor.


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